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T20 match reviews from Sportstar

Here are the reviews for the matches in the Super8’s and knockout games –

And here is Rohit Brijnath’s feature article on T20 – It is excitable, unruly, unsubtle and fun.


Symonds says…

Symonds has criticized the way the Indians have celebrated. He has obviously been pissed off at the reception that the Indian team got at Mumbai and also the way the team celebrated soon after beating Pakistan in the final.

This is what he had to say –

Something has been sparked inside of me, watching them carry on over the last few days. We have had a very successful side and I think watching how we celebrate and how they celebrate, I think we have been pretty humble in the way we have gone about it.

And personally, I think they have got far too carried away with their celebrations. It has definitely sparked passion inside of us. It has certainly spiced it up as well

Yup. I’ve watched how you guys celebrate, Symonds – like shoving the President of an International Cricket Board out of the stage after winning. If you call that humble celebrations, I would like to know how you would celebrate when you are not.

For a country like India were cricket is the second religion and where the sport hasn’t seen much success, winning the World cup without big name players is a big deal and giving the team a 20km ticker tape welcome is a way of celebrating their success. Don’t tell me there are no ticker tape parades in Australia – I even remember being  in the crowd in this one .

Symonds has also said this –

Something gets triggered inside of you, something is burning inside of you – it is your will for success or your animal instinct that wants to bring another team down. We have been at the top for so long, it is like someone has taken the favourite thing you own from you and you want it back

Now, I can understand that. Australia have been the top side in World cricket and it ought to hurt when you get beaten and I am sure it will stir you up. I am also sure Australia will bounce back, for it has the players and the experience to do so – but I don’t quite understand why you need to bag the way other teams (or nations) celebrate…


BCCI prize announcement

BCCI announced that the WC winning team would get USD 2 Million. I do not have any problems with the board giving out money to the players, but I thought singling out Yuvraj Singh for his hitting 6 sixes (which is no doubt a great feat) and offering him 1 Crore (10 Million) Rupees was a bit much.

India won the tournament on the back of some fine consistent performances from the likes of RP Singh, Gambhir, Pathan etc and I feel that rewarding Yuvraj alone is not right. Am I alone in feeling this way?

Your thoughts ??


India Pak Final Highlights

For those who missed out the game, here it is –

Indian Innings

India T20 World cup champs

What a great final! The match went right down to the wire. Pakistan needed 13 of the last over and Joginder starts with a wide. The next ball is a dot ball. Ball number 2 is full toss hoisted straight down the ground for a 6. Six more needed of 4 balls and Misbah-ul-Haq who had played such a cool innings plays a funny looking shot to hit the ball behind the keeper and Sreesanth takes the catch!

India win the match by 5 runs and are the Twenty20 World cup champs.


Finals mid way mark

India have scored 157 for 5 in their 20 overs. Dhoni called the toss correctly and chose to bat, and India looked to start well racing to 25 in the third over before Yusuf Pathan fell. From then on, it was a bit of a struggle for India. Apart from Gambhir and Rohit Sharma, all other batsmen struggled to score freely and that was mainly due to some fine bowling from Pakistan.

The par score appears to be 180 and India are over 20 runs short. But they are still in with a shot. At Durban, Pakistan had trouble chasing 141, but this is a different match, different conditions and a different ground. If India can bowl as well as the Pakistanis, we have a great battle on the cards….

Chak De, India! You can do it…


Dhoni is made of sterner stuff!

He is a street smart intelligent cricketer, a cool head and tremendous belief in his ability. I have been watching the T20 matches and especially the way Dhoni has been batting in the games. He has been a real revelation. He has hardly looked like giving his wicket away. He has put his head down everytime and ensured that he bats right through to the end.

Yesterday he came in at the end of the 14th over and stayed on till the penultimate delivery when he was run out. 36 off 21 balls with 4 fours and a six. The boundaries were safe hits in the gaps mostly.

Take the South africa game. Dhoni comes in the 11th over and again is run out 2 balls before the end of the innings. 45 of 33 balls with 4 fours and a six. Again ahrdly any hits in the air, clean htting in the gaps, and sensible responsible batting.

And in the England game he came in the 16th over, stayed till the end making 10 off 8 balls, no boundaries or sixers and remained not out watching the Yuvraj blitz at the other end.

I am really looking forward to the ODI series now.

— Sanjay