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“Coach appointment need not be rushed!” – Ravi Shastri

Here is what Ravi Shastri, one of the members of the committee to appoint the Indian team coach,has to say on the issue in an article on Cricinfo

“There is no need to rush things to get a coach. We need to pick the ideal person. We just can’t take anybody and make him the coach. And the team is winning, so why the tension? We’ll wait for the right time and the right man for the job.”

I am actually enjoying these updates on the coach issue. It just gets better and better! Like I speculated on an earlier post, Shastri uses the exact same excuse just after India won the first ODI. Afterall the job requires a person only under the following circumstances a) India start losing more matches or b) The right man for the right job is found.

— Sanjay