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Sledging – bind or be blind?

The two greatest rationale and philosophy of our times, capitalism and democracy, are based on the idea that individuals, through their actions based on self-interest, will drive forces towards the most beneficial state for inviduals and/or society as a whole. In extending this thinking to the cricketing field and the current controversy over sledging, is it not best that the cricketers themselves decide what is acceptable and not acceptable to them, through their actions on the field, instead of expecting an external body such as ICC to define it for them? This thinking takes the exterme opposite view of what Harsha Bhogle tries to recommend in his article in The Times of India.

My sincere opinion is that cricketers should be allowed to use sledging, without any constraints, irrespective of how offensive it is. Most people take offense because they might feel ill-equipped in the approved forms of retaliation. In the newly recommended open environment, one can use whatever means one has, to retaliate. In a bizzare way, nothing will eventually be offensive to anyone, since its free for all. I look at it as a positive development in line with the ongoing changes that cricket has embraced in Twenty20, IPL and Technology.

Also, with every control that has been vested in the hands of the ICC, there have been perceptions of inconsistency and impotence felt by stakeholders of the game across the globe. In the interests of the game and a practical step forward, I feel its best that the players are let loose on each other in the center, so that the public is relieved of the after shocks. This brings to an abrupt end, months of debate and platitudes over whether someone or some society is racist or not, whether a certain person was as severely punished as another etc. I am positive that with each sledging act in the field, players will yell the choicest of abuses at each other without any interruptions from any players or officials, and when the energies are exhausted in that act, each will take their stance to bat or bowl or field the next ball and the game will move on.

– Bharath

Odd spot: Burglar escapes thanks to India Pak ODI

Slightly old news, but the first I heard about it was in CricInfo commentary 🙂

A man wanted in burglary cases, G. Kishan, escaped during daytime on Sunday from Uppal police station while the constables were reportedly watching the cricket match between India and Pakistan on television

News courtesy of The Hindu


News in brief :: Monday 24 September 2007

There is a lot going on. So I thought I’d resurrect this column for today and merely provide pointers to a few news items of interest.

— Mohan

Good first day’s play

On a flat, slow track where the ball occasionally kept low, India won the toss and decided to bat first (which was a no brainer, really). Taking the hot, humid conditions and the pitch into consideration, India went with five bowlers and a long tail that even Hanuman would have been proud of.

The Indian batsman had to deliver and in spite of a golden duck from Jaffar of the first ball of the innings, the batsmen did deliver. Dravid and Karthik scored half centuries, but threw away their wickets. With three wickets back in the Pavilion and only Dhoni to follow, both Sachin and Saurav batted cautiously at the start, but eventually opened up to remain unbeaten on 80 and 82 respectively.

The job is only half done though – India need to put a 500+ on this flat track playing first and both players in the middle will have to score well above 100 to put India in command.

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