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Aussie Media starts its summer early…

Sreesanth is back in the news…

Sreesanth seems to be so much in the news that it almost appears that he is cornering more newsprint in Australia than John Howard — and this, in an election year!

This just goes to show the obsession that the Aussies have with anyone who is even remotely aggressive towards their own players. Agreed Sreesanth has behaved like a git, but for Peter Lalor to make Andrew Symonds out as a tranquil angel seems to suggest that Peter Lalor has been smoking something to make himself more tranquil. If Andrew Symonds is a “man of peace and tranquility“, then I have a full head of hair!

In the latest episode, Sreesanth appears to have earned the ire of the Aussie players and press for having said, “Hard luck mate, you’re going to lose.” as Symonds trudged out on his way to the pavilion. Sreesanth, who was 12th man in this game, was carrying drinks for the on-field players at the time!

Oh no, that can’t be right. He shouldn’t have said that to these proud Australian angels; these absolute exemplars as human beings and elite sportsmen! Of course, it was perfectly ok — and indeed celebrated with much mirth and enjoyment — for Steve Waugh to quip to Herschelle Gibbs, “You’ve dropped the cup mate” on that fateful day in 1999.

Alex Brown writes in The Age about this spat too and indicates that Lalchand Rajput, the Team India manager as saying, “We were trying too hard [to intimidate] at the start, and now we have learned to relax. That should be a wake-up call to the Australians. They have been dominating world cricket for so long, but there is always a circle, and now is the time for other teams to gang up on them.

Richard Earle, writing in The Herald Sun, also talks about this incident and says that this marked a new low in relations between the two teams. Hmmm! Lower than when Symonds sledged Sachin Tendulkar — and copped a spray back — during play perhaps?

In another article Richard Earle comments that former Indian captains are tearing away at each others’ clothing and are cracking up under intense pressure by becoming involved in a public spat.

This is all nothing new. It is just that the usual Aussie media ganging-up-against-the-opposition-strategy has commenced a little earlier this summer. Sigh!

— Mohan

News in brief: Saturday 21 April 2007


News in brief: Tuesday 17 April 2007

  • Australia beat SL by seven wickets. SL decided to rest Murali and Vaas, while Malinga didn’t play owing to injury.
  • In the domestic Twenty20, Sachin blitzed a 32 ball 68 with 10 fours and 2 sixes, but that wasn’t enough to prevent Mumbai from loosing to TN. For TN, Anirudha continues to impress, although he missed a fifty again. Ricky (76 of 50 balls) starred in Punjab’s win over Karnataka. In the match between Railways and Gujarat, Khanolkar led the way for Railways with a 33 ball 66 which included 7 fours and 4 sixes.
  • The 2010 Asian games in Guangzhou is also going to include cricket. When are they going it into their heads that games like these aren’t the right place to stage cricket?
  • CAB pitches in for Ganguly before team selection. Sure, and the Gudvancheri cricket club would like to pitch in for their star player Kaathavarayan.
  • Protests and burning effigies in India again. Hold on…I got carried away. For a change they were not effigies of cricket players – just Shilpa Shetty. This shouldn’t classify as cricket news. Sorry!



News in brief: Wednesday 11 April, 2007


News in brief: Monday 9 April 2007


News in brief: Sunday 8 April 2007


News in brief: Saturday 7 April 2007


News in brief: Wednesday 4 April 2007


News in brief: Monday 2 April 2007


News in brief: Sunday 1 April 2007