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Pathan’s resurrection

In continuation to Mohan’s post ‘First steps to a long road to recovery’ on the key role that Irfan Pathan can play in the scheme of things, the news is that Irfan Pathan trained at the MRF pace foundation a few weeks back.

TA Sekhar apparently identified flaws in Pathan’s bowling action almost immediately and initiated corrective measures. Dennis Lillee also had a look in and he too identified kinks in his action

Pathan seems to have worked on these pointers and recently mentioned that his bowling rhythm has returned and is raring to play some matches.

Hopefully, the selectors are keeping an eye on this. The important thing is to test his bowling under match conditions and this is where the England series could have been really helpful. The Indians play 4 tour matches in the series which would have been an ideal place to gauge his return to the national side. Besides travelling with the team and bowling to Dravid and company would have given him some sort of confidence boost. Will Vengsekar make the call?

– Vish –

Munaf Patel – Dennis Lillee does not want a McGrath for India!

Munaf Patel

Today’s Hindu carries a report on Munaf Patel in which Dennis Lillee says “India should use Munaf Patel as an attacking option instead of a corridor bowler.

What the report does not say is that if Munaf Patel, who bowled so well in the West Indies in India’s series of the Windies in 2006, develops even more as a corridor bowler, India will have a McGrath in its ranks!

Lillee claims that Munaf can bowl at speeds of 140 kmph regularly.

I had a brief look at Munaf Patel in yesterday’s aborted game in Kolkata. He seemed fitter than he was in South Africa. He picked up 2 wickets, bowled at a brisk average pace of 135-136 kmph touching 140 kmph at times.

Now what I do not understand is that if Munaf bowls consistently in the corridor and at brisk speeds of 135 kmph and above is it not an attacking option? What is this attacking option Lillee is talking about? Charge in and bang the ball on all the unresponsive pitches, get hit all over the place and get thrown out of the Indian team?