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i3j3 on Twitter

We are going to trial Twitter and you can follow i3j3 on http://www.twitter.com/i3j3

If you’ve never used Twitter before, then here is the 2 min elevator pitch for it –

Twitter is a micro-blogging service where you specify your thoughts or what you are doing in about 140 characters or less either via the web (www.twitter.com), using a Twitter client (such as Twhirl) or via SMS using your mobile phone.

People can follow your “tweets” (the 140 character blurb) and you can follow theirs. If someone wants to send you a reply (or address you directly) – they start the message with a  @ followed by your user id (For example – "@i3j3 I disagree – I don’t think Ganguly should retire or be dropped! Ever!!" It can almost be used like a group IM.

You can also use hashtags to discuss a specific topic.

Twitter will allow us to give opinions and updates on matches without having to wait till an end of the day blog. We feel it will complement this blog quite well.

You can also follow a ball by ball commentary of the current Australia vs India series at http://www.twitter.com/baggygreen, but unlike @baggygreen which is powered by a bot, the updates on i3j3 will be done by real people and will be more conversational 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Get on to Twitter and start following i3j3.