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Pitch Doctors

This is a note meant for Malcolm Conn and Peter Lalor and “their types”…

Andy Moles, the New Zealand coach had this to say about the pitch for the 2nd Test between New Zealand and India in the ongoing series between the two countries. Moles said, “We need a typical New Zealand wicket where it nips for about a couple of days so it brings our seamers into the game against their batting attack which is used to the ball being true and turning a bit.”

If it were Australia touring India or England touring India and the India coach or captain had said, “We need a typical Indian wicket where it spins from the first ball so it brings our spinners into the game against their batting attack which is not used to the ball spinning around a bit,” we would have had Lalor and Conn and “their types” licking their pens with juvenile and puerile pleasure. They’d have had a story to write about in which they would pillory said coach and/or captain!

After all, did the the Lalors and Conns and “their types” not castigate and lampoon Ganguly for saying pretty much exactly what Moles did prior to a Test match in Nagpur a few years back?

Steve Waugh, in his biography, compared Ganguly’s alleged interference to “match fixing”!

So, do we now fix up Andy Moles for match fixing?

I’d like Steve Waugh to write about this too if possible please?

We haven’t heard a murmur yet on this Andy Moles pearl from the Team India camp. They just get on with the job and leave the whining to the Lalors and Conns and “their types”!

Mind you. I do not have any problems with the comments of Andy Moles, just as I’d hope the Conns and Lalors and “their types” would have no problems with the hypothetical Team India Coach or captian saying “When in Sydney, expect to see the Opera House. If you want to see the Taj Mahal, visit India instead!”!

— Mohan

Aussies comment, Indians indulge in a “verbal assault”

These gems are from Malcolm Conn from “The Australian” — and for those of you that do not know “The Australian” or Malcolm Conn, Conn is the senior guy in the stable that produced Peter Lalor! Perhaps Malcolm Conn, like Lalor is an Indofile too huh?

Anyway, Conn screams India turns up verbal assault but Ponting sticks to his game plan.

Meanwhile Saint Ponting suggests rather demurely, respectfully, sagaciously and in his usual sanguine, pipe-in-one-hand-brandy-in-the-other statesmanlike manner, without an inkling of a verbal assault in his tone — after all, the bastards who indulge in “verbal assault” must eat different stuff or look different — that India is in a spin over Anil Kumble’s future!

Is it the water they drink at “The Australian”?

— Mohan