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Kumble’s last World Cup!

Anil Kumble, India’s champion spinner will be playing his last World Cup as per this report. I was just taking a look at Kumble’s past WC performances and there are some very interesting stats.


His World Cup (WC) record is very impressive. He has an average of 23.92 and an economy rate of 4.08. Also look at the break down by World Cup edition.

The figures are fairly similar regarding the economy rates, but in 1999 he had a higher average. In 2002-03 the 3 matches he played were against New Zealand, Australia and Pakistan. So the stats are not exactly skewed in his favor as they may have been had he played against some of the weaker teams! In 1999, he had bad games against Australia and New Zealand — in the matches that India lost. Again in 1995-96 in that crucial match against SL he had a bad game. My point is that in a tournament of this nature with a lot of matches to be played Kumble could be a vital cog in the bowling attack.

He should be played against teams like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies and England. Whereas if the team has place for only one spinner then Harbhajan Singh should be played against the sub continental teams like Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Of coruce everything depends on current form, fitness and match conditions. But Kumble is in good form and will be important in the final scheme of things. Kumble has served India admirably well and for long. At crucial moments his temporary loss of form went against him especially when he could have been an India captain.

		Mat    	O      	R   	W   	BB1    BB2   Ave  	Econ    SR 	4w 5w

ODI           	270 	2406.5 	10374 	334  	6/12   5/33   31.05  	4.31  	43.2  	8  2
World Cup       17  	164     670  	28  	4/32   3/28   23.92  	4.08  	35.1  	1  0
1995-96		7   	69.4   	281  	15  	3/28   3/35   18.73  	4.03  	27.8  	0  0
1999		7   	67.2   	282   	8  	2/30   2/41   35.25  	4.18  	50.5  	0  0
2002-03		3   	27     	107   	5  	4/32   1/24   21.40  	3.96  	32.4  	1  0