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Must read article from the mX

I saw this great piece of journalism when I picked up the mX today. For readers not living in Australia, the mX is a free evening newspaper that is usually available around train stations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


(Click on the image to see the whole mX article)

Thanks for the article Russell. I fully agree with what you have said. The Indian newspapers are all biased and have tunnel vision. I am glad that the mX isn’t. The umpires had nothing to do with the actual result of the match – it was pure Australian brilliance. I find it appalling that they even blame the umpire for letting Andrew Symonds off in the first innings several times. It is a good thing you did not mention it.

About the Aussie skipper, Ponting reacting to an Indian journa asking why he claimed a catch which clearly wasn’t, I have this to say to the journalist (Raj) – “How dare you question the integrity of the Australian cricket captain?” Sheesh! Doesn’t he know that journalists can even question the integrity of the Australian prime minister, but questioning the integrity of the much revered Australian cricket captain is clearly out of bounds – I am glad Ricky told him to get lost in a nice way.

Just can’t seem to understand why the  mX is free. People should be charged to read great articles like these…