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Sad day for Pakistan, cricket and cricket fans

Pakistan cricket was already in tatters. Controversy seemed to follow it like a shadow -  Drug scandals. Match fixing scandals. Dressing room spats. Ball tampering claims. The Oval fiasco. Bob Woolmer’s death. Financial problems and Political issues. The list goes on. Sure, other teams have had their share of controversies, but nothing like the sort Pakistan have had.

And now this – The visiting Sri Lankan cricket team being the target of terrorist attacks in Pakistani soil. Like India, the sport is said to be revered in Pakistan. With these attacks, that claim comes into question. Imran Khan once said that cricketers would never be under any threat from terrorists

…cricketers would never be under any threat from terrorists. Reason is that the terrorists rely on support from the masses because that’s where they get their recruits and cricket is a game which is so loved and there’s such passion in Pakistan, that the terrorists know that if a cricket match is bombed, they’ve had it. I mean the public will just turn against them.

He will have to eat his words now. Before the start of the tour,  Javed Mianded, the former Director General of PCB, said

…we want to prove to the world that Pakistan is safe and secure for cricket

The exact opposite has happened and the message has gone out that Pakistan is no longer safe for cricket.

Many countries have already been refusing to tour Pakistan. The ICC Champions Trophy was also called off. And now with this incident, Pakistan being a co-host to the 2011 WC will come under serious scrutiny. In fact, it will take a few years before another team even decides to tour Pakistan and local papers have already started writing obituaries for International Cricket in Pakistan.

Before we start talking about the future, let us spare a thought for the people with were killed and injured in the incident. My heartfelt condolences to all those who were affected.

This is really a sad day for Pakistan, cricket and cricket fans around the world…


Cricket must go on…

Cricket is a game that is in the heartbeat of most Indians. Cricket must continue in India — better, bigger and bolder. And through it India and Indians must demonstrate to those that matter that India lives. India must live again.

The Taj Mahal Hotel... burning

The Taj Mahal Hotel… burning

The terrorist attacks at The Taj, The Oberoi and at Nariman House in Mumbai have left us totally numb and shocked. Like many others, we sat in our homes and hotel rooms, glued to the TV set for news of the ongoing attack on freedom. Innocence was lost in India at 9.00pm on Wednesday 26 November 2008.

For long, Mumbai has represented the nerve centre of India; the throbbing hub; the sign of her progress; the stamp of her tryst with aspiration and ambition; the symbol of opportunity, resilience and freedom. We would often joke amongst each other that if anyone can survive suburban life in Mumbai — its hustle, bustle, dust, chaos and urgency — and make the most of the many opportunities that the city offers you, then one can survive anywhere in the world.

That nerve centre and that symbol of opportunity, resilience and aspiration was savagely dented on Wednesday 26 November 2008 through a dastardly terrorist siege. The Taj was an important link between Mumbai’s past and its future aspirations. It opulence represented a history and a tradition. Its vivaciousness and energy represented the irrepressible and bustling aspirations of Mumbaikars.

This compelling concoction of innocence, tradition and aspiration was crushed by automatic-weapon-toting men who had no place in their heart for concern, apathy or dignity, nor did they have a sense of an individuals’ right to freedom. They had in their hearts nothing but a hatred so vile and contemptuous that they snatched away human dignity and freedom of not just the 150 people that they killed, but many many more.

One has felt an anger, a bitterness and a helplessness in the recent past. One probably felt these emotions on that fateful day that has been now termed “9/11”. We felt it again on 26/11/2008.

At a time like this, cricket is so utterly inconsequential.

But then, it so is

Dreams cannot be shattered. Aspirations are important. Terrorists cannot dictate the collective vision of a country that is built on the bed-rock of a deep culture and is constantly fuelled by a strong sense of urgency, ambition, happiness, peace, freedom and pride.

We cannot buckle down to terror for that is exactly what the terrorists would want us to do. Life must go on. Indeed, life must go on in a more compelling manner. We must learn from this. And get stronger. In India, cricket is so intertwined with life. So, by extension, cricket too must go on. Of course, one cannot and should not endanger the safety of players and spectators. But this must be a lesson to everyone running the country (and the game) here in India. Are you looking for phen375 reviews?

Innocence has been lost. Of that, there can’t be much doubt. The remainder of an ODI tour has been cancelled. The Champions League tournament has been cancelled. These were necessary measures that had to be taken.

Several marriages have been cancelled in Mumbai. There is no mood currently to celebrate. The environment is one of shock and numbness. It would be insensitive to celebrate. It would be inappropriate to even watch a game of cricket.

But once the numbness, the shock, the anger, the frustration and the bitterness has dissipated, what must emerge is greater understanding and greater resilience. This is a time for the world itself to renew and rebound.

Cricket is but a game. In this environment, to talk of the future of cricket in India may sound trivial and even disrespectful to the many people that lost their lives. The topic itself may seem utterly insensitive to the thousands of people that have been affected by this dastardly and cowardly act of terrorism. But cricket is a game that is in the heartbeat of most Indians. Cricket must continue in India — better, bigger and bolder. And through it India and Indians must demonstrate to those that matter that India lives. India must live again.

We here at i3j3Cricket have been as stunned as anyone else that saw the horrific scenes of terror engulfing Mumbai. Our hearts go out to the people that were killed and to the many that were affected. But life must go on. We must learn and grow. While innocence may be lost, hopes and aspirations cannot be lost. And we must not give in to the terrorists. Most Indians would understand if England do not wish to come back for the Test series, but taking this easy option would signal a victory to the terrorists whose sole agenda is to disrupt normalcy.

Terror should never win. Terror can never be allowed to win…

— Mohan, Mahesh, Paddy, Srikanth and Vish

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