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News in brief: Monday 26 March 2007

Using the false name Newman, on the night after the murder, Talat moved from the 12th floor to the hotel’s suites on the 17th floor. Inzamam had changed to the fifth floor before the murder. Mushtaq was asked about cuts to his face and whether he had gone to hospital.


Breaking news: Woolmer was strangled

Jamaican police have just revealed that according to post mortem reports Bob Woolmer died of asphyxiation caused by manual strangulation. This is the biggest news to rock the cricketing fraternity since Cronje was accussed of match fixing.

It is now a murder investigation!

Here is the Cricinfo link to the news article.


News in brief: Tuesday 20 March 2007


News in brief: Monday 19 March 2007


Bob Woolmer tribute ad…

As a tribute to Bob Woolmer, we bring you this Pepsi ad which stars Woolmer and Akthar.

Please note, we are not endorsing Pepsi

Breaking news: Bob Woolmer collapses and dies

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistani coach and former England player has died in his hospital room. Woolmer, who was born in Kanpur India, was more known for his pioneering coaching techniques than his cricketing abilities, although he played 19 tests and was once Wisden Cricketer of the year. The news has shocked the cricketing world and tributes are starting to pour in

Here is cricinfo’s timeline on his life.

May his soul rest in peace…