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Death of One Dayers – The WC Tragedy

WC 07, for me, has opened (reopened!) up the tests vs. one dayers debate. The almost meaningless, meandering games with only shallow and superficial excitement, teams’ fortunes changing with no rhyme or reason, violent bludgeoning of the cricket ball from seemingly overdosed musclemen, murders and conspiracies, all put together, have taken any bit of charm that may have remained in one day cricket (for me!). What in hell difference does it make if Bangladesh trounces India or South Africa or Ireland humiliates Pakistan other than providing those minnows their one day of paid glory? The several hundreds and or fastest fifties that Hayden plundered will become a thing of the past, while even his remarkable 300 in tests will remain an innings to remember. Even Andre Nel seems to reserve his theatrical talents for the five day extravaganza. Heck, even world cup football (soccer) seemed more exciting considering I much rather prefer the localized versions of the sport.One day cricket is decaying into its almost farcical progeny, the 20-20 type. I cannot wait for the next test series to begin, when all sanity will return, when cricket will go back to its normal glorious stature.

Like the paintings of rennaissance, like the compositions of carnatic trinity, Beethoven or Mozart, like the music of Pink Floyd, Miles Davis or Sanjay Subrahmanyan, test cricket (for me!) will remain the only true art of sport!!Eagerly looking forward to seeing gentlemen in whites again!

– Srikanth

News in brief: Sunday 22 April 2007

Today marked an end of a great cricketing era. Brian Lara bid an emotional farewell to International cricket. However, he may still continue to play first class cricket. Which means Subhash Chandra and his cronies might woo him to play in the Zee cricket league. Should be interesting to see how things unfold.

A battle of equals took place in Barbados where England won by a whisker against the West Indies.

Back in India, Sunil Gavaskar continued his Aussie bashing by firing yet another salvo at Greg Chappell. Here we go again (sigh!)

Tamil Nadu beat a more fancied Punjab to clinch the first domestic Twenty20 competition.

Despite Sachin Tendulkar’s poor run of form, Ponting claims that he is the most technically correct player! Now why is Ponting being so kind?

Jacques Kallis has warned that Australia’s unbeaten record in the World Cup will count for nothing when the sides meet in the semi-final. Sure Mr. Kallis, we believe you.

Dilip Vengsarkar confirmed that Tendulkar and Ganguly were indeed rested and not dropped for the Bangladesh ODIs.

Clive Lloyd resigns as Match refree

– Vish