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Classic catches

Classic Catches

Optimist meets the Pessimist

Sachin scores 99
Optimist: Sachin is back in form. He is getting his eye and will soon get into rhythm.
Pessimist: 99 runs in 140 plus balls. Hardly any sign of dominating of the attack. He struggled against the pace and lift of Ntini & Nel. If he cannot be his domineering self he is better off down the order.
Optimist: The wicket was difficult. It was not easy to drive early. India had lost 2 quick wickets. We needed someone to anchor the innings. If Sachin had not batted the way he did, we would have gotten all out for 120.
Pessimist: I can understand his slow start. But once he completed 70 plus runs and India were around 160 odd for 2 at about 37 overs, he was just pushing sigles and working towards his hundred. He should have accelerated at that time.
Optimist: If Sachin was playing for the hundred he would never have got run out on 99.
Pessimist: Instead he got run out when he shouldn’t have. It was a pointless run anyway and he forgot that he is not as quick as he used to be.
Optimist: Anyway Sachin is back in form and that’s what’s important.
Pessimist: Anyway India lost the match so it is not that important.

– Sanjay