Piyush impresses!

Piyush Chawla impressed everyone with a fine bowling performance as India cruised to victory against Ireland yesterday. I watched a few overs of Piyush yesterday and he has a very good googly that he uses a lot.  It was also interesting to listen to the commentary of former India leg spinner L Sivaramakrishnan. He said that Piyush had improved a lot, his hand was coming more straighter now, and he attributed this to the work put in by the Indian bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad.

– Sanjay

3 responses to “Piyush impresses!

  1. Taking nothing away from the youngster, I’ll say he bowls his googlies little to much.

    And looking at his ‘jump of joy’ after taking every which (also the manner he abuses the batsman) – I’ve a feeling that Piyush might struggle when a more talented batter will smash him around. To be a successful spinner, one has to learn to take blows. aggresstion is good – but patience is a must.

    I hope the youngster learns it early, as Indian team will fall upon him very soon. There’s seriously aren’t too many spin wizards coming through ranks.

  2. He has to learn to bowl his leg breaks a bit more. at the moment it seems that googly is his only wicket taking delivery. Though he did take a wicket with his leg break, he’ll have to develop a bit of variety–like a big leg-break, flipper, zooter, slider etc. Sachin has all these deliveries and he can help the boy.

    Venkatesh Prasad helped him getting betting better??Well!!!!!!

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