Dhoni is made of sterner stuff!

He is a street smart intelligent cricketer, a cool head and tremendous belief in his ability. I have been watching the T20 matches and especially the way Dhoni has been batting in the games. He has been a real revelation. He has hardly looked like giving his wicket away. He has put his head down everytime and ensured that he bats right through to the end.

Yesterday he came in at the end of the 14th over and stayed on till the penultimate delivery when he was run out. 36 off 21 balls with 4 fours and a six. The boundaries were safe hits in the gaps mostly.

Take the South africa game. Dhoni comes in the 11th over and again is run out 2 balls before the end of the innings. 45 of 33 balls with 4 fours and a six. Again ahrdly any hits in the air, clean htting in the gaps, and sensible responsible batting.

And in the England game he came in the 16th over, stayed till the end making 10 off 8 balls, no boundaries or sixers and remained not out watching the Yuvraj blitz at the other end.

I am really looking forward to the ODI series now.

— Sanjay


9 responses to “Dhoni is made of sterner stuff!

  1. Dhoni has been a revelation for INDIA.
    He has got a long road ahead.
    I hope he will continuously improve. The great TRIO is still their to help him.
    He will learn a lot from them.

  2. When Joginder Singh was taken to the cleaners by Hayden, Dhoni came back with Sehwag who gave up 20 runs – I was not sure if the selection was right. I expected a little better bowling from Sehwag, who was bowling full-toss, …

    The success in T20 bodes well for India youngsters. It is good to see some youngsters in the team do well. If India had gone out early, every one would be clamoring for the “fab five” back. I hope players like Kaif, Raina get in to the mix.

  3. BTW, Australia batting depends heavily on Gilchrist, Hayden and Ponting. There are going to be some big question marks in Aussie cricket – after Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist and Hayden.

  4. gnbmdr,

    Can you please tell me what your comments have to do with the main article posted by sanjay? I think you are writing something for the sake of writing.

  5. Ajay

    Good point. But you can’t accuse gnbmdr of being inconsistent! 🙂

  6. mohankaus,

    I could have written up a new theread as random thoughts on Ind Vs. Aus. But, I do not belong to the “privileged” class/sect 😉

    One of the musical legends I admire would say, ” One might think my Guru’s music was random, but there was an underlying unity in all that randomness”.

  7. gnbmdr,

    There are, at last count, 3 different posts on the India V Australia game.

    One of my guru’s used to say, “If you have a predilection to act in a random and profilgate manner and with a randomly distributed thought process, you will always find ways of justifying your method in similarly random ways.” 🙂

    — Mohan

  8. I agree, Sanjay. His captaincy has been a revelation

    When he was made captain, I had a few concerns (mainly around the additional burden he may have on top of being an important middle order batsman and keeping wickets), but he has come good. Very good, in fact.

    The body language of his team mates also suggest that they are comfortable around him and seem quite happy with him leading the side, which IMHO is more important than what we or the media thinks 🙂

  9. My only inspiration is Dhoni.He is truley marvellous!!!! I like his hair the most

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