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A few old interviews on Sachin Tendulkar…

While we are waiting for the IPL to kick off and while we have been rating and reviewing the various IPL-2 teams as well as on what a “Good T20 Composition” ought to be, I thought we should take a breather and catch up on an old interview of Sachin Tendulkar by Harsha Bhogle!

Here is an interview with Sachin Tendulkar by Harsha Bhogle. I’ve been meaning to post the full collection of the five-part video on i3j3cricket, but somehow never got around to doing it. Most of you will have seen this already; it was recorded and aired after India’s tour of England in 2007. But here it is for completeness, more than anything else.

Harsha Unplugged — Part 1

Harsha Unplugged — Part 2

Harsha Unplugged — Part 3

Harsha Unplugged — Part 4

Harsha Unplugged — Part 5

And for good measure here is what most people believe is Sachin Tendulkar’s first video-interview.

If I am not mistaken, his first media interview was to the Mid-Day newspaper by Sunil Warrier in December 1986. Sunil Warrier is reported to have later said, “I made Sachin famous and then he made me famous.”

— Mohan